Veja, Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook

On 23 April 2013

The origin of the Veja project can be summed up in one question: Is another world possible?

Veja has created a global chain that emphasizes solidarity and the environment, from the small producers in Brazil to the European concept stores at final ouput.

With organic cotton from the Northeast of Brazil, wild Amazonian rubber and ecological leather, the founders of the brand try to invent new methods of work. Thus, the label has been built on 3 main principles: using ecological inputs, using fair trade cotton and latex, respecting workers’ dignity.

Also, Veja does not advertise. The ressources saved are integrated into the production chain. This means the farmers and producers Veja works with are fairly remunerated – to accomodate their social and environmental requirements. Veja’s fabrication costs are 3 to 4 times higher than other footwear brands because the trainers and bags are produced with dignity. But Veja’s “no advertising” policy makes it possible to sell trainers at a price which is equal to competitors.

Here is the Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook. Feminine accessories, pastel colors or new styles, please find the full collection here.

Veja Chino Ice Clementine Félicité, organic cotton.

Organic cotton is grown in the Northeast, one of the poorest regions in Brazil. 350 families live from organic farming.

Veja Sicily Macaron Cabas, leather tanned with acacia extracts.

Veja uses ecologically tanned leather. Contrary to most leathers thatare processed with heavy metals, it is chrome-free tanned.

Veja Clementine Anis Cabas,
leather tanned with acacia extracts.
Veja SP,MA Greg Asner , organic cotton & natural rubber.

Veja works with a cooperative of Seringueiros (rubber tappers) located in the Chico Mendès reserve, in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. The Amazon is the only place in the world where rubber trees grow in the wild. Veja buys rubber from the rubber tappers at a premium price. This fair payment allows them to live decently from rubber tapping, reducing the financial appeal of land clearance.

Veja Sun Derby
, organic cotton.

Veja Anis Clementine Clip , leather tanned with acacia extracts.

Veja Moonrock Jaune Fluo Félicité,
organic cotton.

Veja Moonrock White Esplar, organic cotton.

Veja Hawai Sicily Clutch bag,
leather tanned with acacia extracts.

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