The Hill-Side

On 10 April 2013

The Hill-Side brand was formed in Brooklyn, 2009 by brothers Sandy and Emil Corsillo.

Centre Commercial’s selection – for men & women

The name of the brand is a play on the name of the street in Connecticut (Hillside) where the two of them grew up. Now based in Brooklyn, the brothers produce unisex accessories, such as ties and scarves, most of them by hand and what began as a simple idea quickly transformed into a real business, with The Hill-Side products stocked in some of the worlds most discerning clothing & lifestyle stores.

Fabric choice and quality are paramount for a brand that places high value on craftsmanship, honesty of materials and provenance. Sandy & Emil believe these are the key ingredients in creating objects that people will be proud to own. Heavily inspired by US and Japanese workwear, often taking premium selvage denim and chambray fabrics and turning them into into neckties, pocket squares and other accessories.

Men’s & women’s scarves

For this season, we selected ties and scarves – for men and women – in plain, floral & geometric prints.

Floral pattern

Indigo floral pattern

Polka dot pattern

And a bonus video tutorial from Emil & Sandy how to tie a bow tie – properly!

See the full collection of The Hill-Side here.

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