On 27 March 2013

Hence was created in 2011 by three friends that worked (and still do) in different business related with fashion, each of them bringing their knowledge to the brand.

The designer, Borja Sainz, studied fashion and worked in different brands for some years, but didn’t really enjoyed the business aproach of fashion in the big scale.

I enjoy clothing, quality built stuff and things that reflect a creative process behind them, whereas, fashion as a business driven industry…is just not made for me

After getting together, the three embarked into this project in which the first rule was simple; quality. “Quality is something that has to be included throughout the process of creating each garment: where and how were the fabrics made as well as where and how is the garment built”. The brand began its journey by making sure the manufacturing of their clothes was in their own country, Spain, so that they could really be on site during the process of creating their garments and after that by selecting the best fabrics from legendary companies from Italy, England or Japan.

For Summer 2013 they present an array of pieces that focus on the heat of spanish summer “Hope and heat” is the name of this season’s collection. Shirting fabrics are light in color and texture and outwear is basically constructed to be easy to wear and not obstructing.

For this season, Centre Commercial has selected the Raglan & Ameba shirts plus ties.

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