For you the traveller, a human guide to the world

On 14 March 2013

We just received a wonderful book : For you the traveller, a human guide to the world written by the artist Nabil Sabio Azadi.

The book is so special, we decided to contact the creator to explain the concept directly. The book is limited edition and is available in France at Centre Commercial.

Centre Commercial : Can you explain the book’s concept ?

Nabil Sabio Azadi : For You The Traveller is a hand-bound guide to the world. Inside it you will find the names, telephone numbers and personal stories of kind people across the world who will act as a port-of-call to any traveller passing through their region and bearing the book. I suppose you could call this book my offering to the other wanderers of the world.

Centre Commercial : Why and how did you choose people for the book?

N.S.A : I knew they had to be from all over the world, of different ages and races and political views and professions. I knew there had to be diversity but that the uniting characteristic they would all share would be an inclination to help their fellow man both in a practical sense and in a more esoteric or spiritual way.  Proposing the book to these people wasn’t anything special or difficult. The exact type of person I wanted to be involved was always the exact kind of person who wanted to be involved.  In the making of this book, I always valued people and their goodness over the beauty of their environs.

Centre Commercial : The book is imited to 200 copies, the paper has been recycled, and the profits are going to charity; can you tell us more?

N.S.A : The inclination to use recycled or salvaged rabbit fur and recycled paper came to me naturally. Nouvelle Planète, the Swiss charity receiving profits from the sale of this book, was chosen for the sincerity of their efforts across the developing world.
Why was there a limited edition run of 200? There are the time constraints of hand-making every single book and the fact I didn’t want the participants to be flooded with visitors so much they couldn’t perform their practical and esoteric hostly duties.

Centre Commercial : Have you heard of people already using the book for their travels? And do you plan to document their tales?

N.S.A : Just a few weeks ago I saw the first photographs of readers using the book — they were halfway across the world from their homeland, and in New Zealand. I look forward to hearing of other travellers’ stories. What comes of their tales remains to be seen.

Centre Commercial : What are your next projects?

N.S.A : Over the rest of this year I will be releasing two new bodies of photographic work and a new series of site-specific sculptures. Past this I look forward to beginning work on the next edition of For You The Traveller. Good things are afoot.

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