Roseanna, Brazilian Voyage

On 14 February 2013

Roseanna strike again with a full collection for Spring-Summer 2013, including swimwear. Designers and childhood friends, Roxane and Anne Fleur, returned from a trip to Brazil with a full suitcase of prints, inspired by the lush vegetation and light at dawn emerging from the esplanades of Rio and the paradise of Ilha Grande.

Neon Anika dress

Roseanna is distinguished by the duo’s approach to craftsmanship and their constant search for beautiful fabrics. All of their clothing and accessories continue to be made in France.

Palm tree print

We have selected fresh pieces, such as the Anika Palm dress and the neon jacket and skirt. Available in our Paris store for the past 2 years, Roseanna is now available on the Centre Commercial website.

React !