Centre Commercial Shoe Care

On 12 February 2013

Centre Commercial is pleased to announce a selection of new shoe care products, all of which have been made in France or Germany, using only natural ingredients.

We have worked in collaboration with an artisan workshop with over 100 years of experience producing leather care products – market leaders in France & Italy for several decades. Both the grease & polish are made in France using a blend of natural ingredients, such as minerals, vegetable oils & bee’s wax, the grease has the addition of animal fats for extra nourishment & softening of the leather. Both the applicator brush & shine brush are made in Germany.

Shine Brush

To explain the difference between the two, the grease provides more nourishment for the leather, the polish will bring out more colour and shine. For best results we recommend using both the grease and polish, alternating one with the other each time you clean. If you are choosing just one, apply the grease for dry leathers or damaged shoes and the polish for newer, healthier shoes.

Grease for leather

Neutral polish

Here is our simple shoe care guide:

1. First put down some old newspaper, or work in an area you don’t mind getting dirty.
2. Remove the laces, so as not to end up with waxy laces and different leather tone & quality between the tongue and the rest of the shoe.
3. Pack out the shoes with shoe trees or old newspaper to ensure you are able to access the creases (the area most likely to crack if allowed to become too dry).
4. Take an old stiff brush or tooth brush, remove all dust & dirt from your shoes.
5. Using our applicator brush or cloth, apply the grease or polish (depending on the condition of your shoes) in circular motions to the upper, being careful not to apply too much as this can leave smears. Allow the treatment to feed the leather and move onto the other shoe. By the time you have finished the second shoe, the first should be ready.
6. Once the leather has time to dry, take our shine brush or cloth and polish the shoes all over the upper. If you prefer just a little shine, brush lightly for not too long. For a real shine, brush a little harder and for a little longer.

Centre Commercial Army shoe in brandy leather

Remember, for best care of your shoes, insert wooden shoe trees as soon as possible after wearing (the sooner the better) and alternate both Centre Commercial grease and polish treatment with each clean.

Please note: both the grease and polish are suitable for true leathers only and are not suitable for suede, nubuck or patent shoes.  Please also be aware that the grease will slightly darken the colour of the leather, so take particular care with lighter coloured shoes.

Centre Commercial army shoe with crepe sole

Our shoe care products are suitable for leather shoes from Centre Commercial, Veja, Church’s, Sanders, Heschung, Paraboot, La Botte Gardiane & Grenson as well as leather bags & accessories from Veja, Sara Barner, Mimi, Le Sellier & Stanley & Sons.


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