S.N.S. Herning

On 24 January 2013

During the 1920’s in the Danish city of Herning, SørenNielsen Skyt (SNS) discovered a technique of knitting with ‘bubble’ patterns, which he found improved the insulation of garments.

In 1931, he formed the S.N.S. Herning company and set about developing the warmest & most durable sweaters for the fisherman of the area.


80 years have passed since the release of Søren’s first fisherman’s sweater featuring the bubble pattern. Function continues to proceed design in the creation of each piece, yet each is key to the timelessness & longevity of their products. Several generations later, Søren’s son, Holger, now heads production and follows the strict recipe left by his father for the layout of each pattern, along with the cut and finishing process. Holger tells how “the design and feel of their garments makes us shy away from making even the slightest of changes to them.”

With still only five full-time workers at their offices and mill in Herning, S.N.S. Herning collections remain exclusive, with little over 3,000 pieces produced in total each season. They still produce all of their jumpers on the very same KNOLL jacquard machines imported from Germany & England during the 1950s. And each jumper displays the signature of the artisan who created it.

For this season we have chosen the ‘Apex knit’ in Concrete or Ocean Blue featuring the original bubble pattern. We are also carrying the ‘Stark knit’ in Blue Mix or Black Melange & the very classic ‘Version’ knit in Concrete or Ocean Blue.

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 Images courtesy of Inventory Magazine



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