“Famine au Sud, malbouffe au Nord” by Marc Dufumier

On 20 February 2012

To celebrate the launch of the latest work by French agricultural campaigner Marc Dufumier Famine au Sud, malbouffe au Nord(Famine in the South, Junk Foodin the North) (Éditions du NiL), Centre Commercial organised a debate and conference with the author.

Famine &fast food, environmental damage & desertification ; Such is the disastrous assessment  of our excessively mechanised and specialised agricultural systems. Have producers and consumers lost the plot? How can we keep environmental disorder in the south in check, when those of us in the north are at fault? Is organic production a pipe dream, or is it the only viable  approach for the future?

“Famine au Sud, Malbouffe au Nord” is available here

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