On 10 January 2012
Selfish, rude,  drifting between jobs, undecided in love, hooked on porn, apathetic, irreligious… All criticisms levelled at the 18 – 30 age group, the infamous ‘Generation Y’. It’s time to rise up against these (almost) baseless, oft-heard generalisations! If we are that badly misunderstood, it is because,  either at work or in the personal sphere, we are creating new ways of living. And with good reason : familiar with the vagaries of modern life, we have had to learn thata short term visionis a realadvantage.

In order to reveal the ingenuity of this generation, we have decided to give them a voice. We have met with over fifty people, from established figures to the entirely anonymous, who, one by one, disproved the accepted prejudices. Creative, entrepreneurial and united in spirit, the youth of today are creating an image of anew society.

MYRIAM LEVAIN, 29, journalist. Five years of experience,four editorials and a single permanent contract, all this after seven years of study at the prestigious Sciences-Po university in Paris and ESJ, France’s top journalism school : A very ‘Generation Y’ CV. Beginning at La Voix du Nord and Le Parisien, Levain went on to contribute to ELLE, before joining the features/current affairs team at Be magazine.

JULIA TISSIER, 27, journalist. Four years of experience, an apprenticeship for two years, two years on a temporary contract, until finally, that much sought-after permanent contract. This after five years studying law at the Sorbonne. Starting her career at the centre-left daily ‘Libération’, to which she still contributes, she joined the women’s magazine Be as a features journalist.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH 12/01/12 with a cocktail alunch at Centre Commercial on Wenesday 18/01/2012.

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